The government of the City of Chesterfield is divided into several administrative areas under the supervision of the City Administrator: 
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The City Administrator's Office is responsible for the general superintending control, administration and management of the City...

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The City Clerk is responsible for preparing and maintaining the minutes of City Council proceedings...

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The Finance Department is responsible for accounting, budget preparation, grants, payroll and benefit administration...

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The Chesterfield Police Department is an internationally accredited agency employing ninety-nine full time...

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The Parks, Recreation & Arts Department strives to provide the community with the environment to enhance their quality of life. There are four...

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The Department of Planning provides a variety of land use, zoning and development services. The Department encourages high quality growth...

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The Department of Public Works is responsible for all public infrastructure. The Department of Public Works currently has four operating areas;...

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Information technology (IT) is the use of computers to store, retrieve, transmit and manipulate data or information. The IT Department...

Mission Statement:

The City of Chesterfield is dedicated to maintaining a strong, vibrant community that encourages interaction among residents, businesses and civic organizations which is accomplished through on-going innovative approaches to community and neighborhood planning:

The City of Chesterfield is committed to excellence in service and overall quality of life:

  • By being the City of Choice in the St. Louis region within which to live, work, play and visit;
  • By partnering with residents, businesses, civic organizations and governments to forge a sense of community;
  • By providing and seeking quality in each area of service;
  • By providing and encouraging cultural and recreational facilities and activities;
  • By protecting, maintaining and enhancing property values;
  • By ensuring a secure and responsible environment.