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UCR Index Crime Reporting System 
The Uniform Crime Report (UCR) has served as the primary tool for the collection and analysis of crime data in the United States for many years. Since 1935, the FBI has served as the UCR data clearinghouse; organizing, collecting, and disseminating information voluntarily submitted by local, state, federal and tribal law enforcement agencies. The UCR report splits reported data into two separate categories, the eight 'serious' crimes and twenty-one less commonly reported crimes. The eight serious crimes are known as Part I index crimes. The additional twenty-one crimes are considered Part II index crimes.

Part I Index Crime Offenses 

The most frequent means of comparing crime statistics from city to city is through the use of Part I Index Crimes. Part I Index Crime incidents are divided into two categories: VIOLENT CRIMES and PROPERTY CRIMES. Aggravated assault, forcible rape, murder, and robbery are classified as violent crimes while arson, burglary, larceny-theft, and motor vehicle theft are classified as property crimes.

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