Trial Preparation

Upon entering a plea of Not Guilty, your case will then be set for trial. On Zoning and Housing Dockets the trial will be held immediately. On all other dockets, the trial will be held on a different evening.

You must be prepared for trial at that time. You have the right to subpoena any witnesses you wish to testify for you at this trial. Subpoenas may be obtained through the court office, but must be served by you.

You have the right to cross-examine any person who testifies. You have the right to testify yourself or to waive your testimony. Be aware that if you testify, the prosecuting attorney has the right to cross-examine you on your testimony. You have the right to present evidence in your case, but you must be able to have it "entered into evidence" in a legal format. You may be at a disadvantage if you are not represented by counsel because the judge must follow all rules of court, including rules of evidence. If you are not an attorney, you may have difficulty getting something into evidence or excluding something from evidence.

Upon conclusion of the trial, you have the right to make a closing statement. After all closing statements, the judge will then render a decision. This will conclude the trial in our court.