Traffic Safety

The Chesterfield Police Department is committed to promoting traffic safety throughout each of the 200 miles of roadways within the City. To that end, the department staffs the Bureau of Traffic Enforcement, a highly trained unit geared toward traffic safety as well as intensive traffic related investigations. The bureau is staffed by a Police Sergeant and five uniquely trained officers. These officers provide directed patrols and enforcement in high accident locations as well as in neighborhoods where traffic related concerns have been identified. The department often deploys speed detection devices in an effort to validate traffic complaint locations. These speed detection devices capture data tailored to aid officers in their enforcement efforts. As certified crash reconstruction investigators, these officers employ state-of-the-art technology to thoroughly investigate and determine the causes of our most serious motor vehicle accidents. The officers of the Bureau of Traffic Enforcement take the lead in promoting the department’s efforts in identifying and removing impaired drivers from our streets.  The members of the Bureau of Traffic Enforcement are available to address any traffic related concern within the City. You may contact them at 636-537-3000 or via email at

 Traffic Car

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