Residential Street Tree Program

Chesterfield Resident Street Tree ProgramThe City of Chesterfield Residential Street Tree Program provides for the planting of Street Trees along public residential streets. Homeowners may apply for this program provided they have adequate space and choose a tree from the City's approved street tree list. This is a cost-sharing program. Homeowners are required to submit $100 for each tree applied for, with the City contributing the remaining amount needed to plant the tree. Homeowners must agree to provide proper tree care, as described in the Tree Guide.  The City's contractor will then install 2-1/2" caliper trees. Trees will be planted each spring throughout May and June, and each fall/winter throughout November and December. Please read the accompanying Policy and Procedures, Program Application, and Tree Guide thoroughly for more details and to see if you qualify. Applications can be mailed, or can be dropped off at City Hall with the fee. Hard copies of these materials are available at City Hall.

PLEASE NOTE: If there are existing trees in the right-of-way that need removal, the owner must call the City at 636-537-4000 to request
that the trees be inspected for removal BEFORE filling out this application! Only dead, diseased, or hazardous trees will be considered
for removal.
  If a tree in front of your home has been scheduled for removal due to the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), you will be notified by
mail before the removal takes place. For more information about EAB, please click here.