Safety Town Virtual Learning

Welcome to Safety Town Virtual Learning.

Safety Town is a national program designed for children 4-6 years old and covers the wide range of Safety Topics listed below.  For each of the below topics you will find a video lesson and a short, multiple choice quiz.  Some lessons will include a supplemental video, an informational handout, a coloring sheet and/or a craft all of which will relate to that topic.  Upon completion of each quiz we ask you to fill out the information below the quiz with the student’s information.  We will track all quiz completions and upon finishing all 11 quizzes, we will email a Safety Town Virtual Learning Graduation Certificate for the student.

This virtual program cannot replace the valuable hands on experience and peer/instructor interaction provided by the classroom version.  The virtual experience is a great way to begin your child's safety journey and we hope the entire family will find value and entertainment in the subject matter.

We hope to see all of our eligible students back in the classroom next year.

Have fun and Be Safe!

Lesson 1: Police Officer/Uniform/911

Lesson 2: Crossing the Street

Lesson 3: Bicycle Safety

Lesson 4: Car Safety

Lesson 5: School Bus Safety

Lesson 6: Pool/Water Safety

Lesson 7: Playground Safety

Lesson 8: Poison Control Safety

Lesson 9: Fire Safety

Lesson 10: Animal Safety

Lesson 11: Strangers