Architectural Review Process

The Planning Commission and the Department of Planning strive to achieve excellence in all commercial, industrial, and residential projects presented to the City of Chesterfield for development. To assist the Commission and the Department in this process, the Architectural Review Board was established in 1998.

The terms and provisions of the City of Chesterfield's Architectural Review Standards shall apply to all vacant or undeveloped land, and to all property to be redeveloped, including additions and alterations.

Projects will be reviewed by the Architectural Review Board, who will then provide recommendations to the City of Chesterfield's Planning Commission.

To aid in the preparation of an item for review, the following information has been developed:

      Architectural Review Packet

One copy of the Architectural Review Board submittal is required to be submitted to the assigned planner for review eight days prior to the full 14-copy submittal deadline. All items requested must be submitted by the date provided by the assigned planner in order for the project to be placed on the Architectural Review Board's agenda. If you have any questions, please contact the Planner of the Day at 636-537-4733 or email