Mayor and City Council

The City of Chesterfield elects one Mayor for a four year term and eight Councilmembers for a two year term. Each of Chesterfield's four wards is represented by two Councilmembers. In addition to representing their ward, each Councilmember also acts as a liaison to Citizen Committees, Commissions, Boards and Task Forces.

Front Row L to R - Tom DeCampi, Mayor Bob Nation, Aaron Wahl
Back Row L to R - Mary Monachella, Barbara McGuinness, Michael Moore, Dan Hurt, Mary Ann Mastorakos, Gary Budoor

Mayor Bob Nation

Councilmember Barbara McGuinness Ward I
Councilmember Mary Monachella Ward I
Councilmember Aaron Wahl Ward II
Councilmember Mary Ann Mastorakos
Ward II
Councilmember Dan Hurt Ward III
Councilmember Michael Moore Ward III
Councilmember Tom DeCampi Ward IV
Councilmember Gary Budoor Ward IV

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If you would like to send an e-mail to the Mayor, all Councilmembers and the City Administrator, please feel free to make use of the following address:

City Council Meeting Schedule

2021 City Council Meeting Schedule