Building Permits


Due to health concerns regarding the COVID-19 Virus, the City encourages 
digital submittals of Municipal Zoning Application forms.

For detailed instructions, see the Municipal Zoning Application form.

A building permit must be obtained for any new construction, as well as alterations to existing structures. Permits are issued for commercial, industrial, and residential projects whether the work is interior or exterior. A building permit ensures that your building project is structurally sound, complies with the building and zoning codes, and is built to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of all occupants.

Prior to beginning any construction project, a Municipal Zoning Approval Application (MZA) must be obtained from the City of Chesterfield. City staff reviews the MZA to determine if the proposed project meets all City Zoning Ordinance and site-specific ordinance requirements. Once approved, the MZA must be taken to St. Louis County to obtain the building permit. The City of Chesterfield contracts with the County for permitting and inspection services.

Applicants are strongly urged to contact St. Louis County at 314-615-7155 or for more information regarding permit requirements.

Applicants are also responsible for obtaining fire district approval via a separate permit, as required by the applicable fire district.

For any questions, please contact the "Planner of the Day" at 636-537-4733 or The MZA application may be downloaded here.


The Department of Planning offers an Express MZA Review! This service provides same day review of all municipal zoning approval applications for interior remodeling, finishing, or other work within a residential structure.

Applications must be submitted by 10:00 a.m. with all necessary documents and signatures. These applications will then be reviewed and ready for pick-up by 3:00 p.m. the same day. Once approved, the MZA must be taken to St. Louis County for final review and issuance of a building permit.

For further information, please contact Staff at or 636-537-4733.