Sign Code Regulations
The City of Chesterfield’s sign regulations can be found in Article 04-05 of the Unified Development Code.  Here you will find information on temporary signs, permanent signs, and political signs. 

While signs are permitted on private property, signs may not be placed within the right of way.  This is the area between the sidewalk and the street.  If no sidewalk exists, then the right of way is generally 10 feet back from the pavement or curb.  (City Code Section 26-15)

Political Signs
Political signs may be erected on private property at any time prior to an election but are required to be removed within 7 days after the election for which they are made.  State Law (See Missouri Revised Statutes, Chapter 115.637.18) prohibits political signs within 25 feet of the entrance to any polling place.  More information on political signs can be found in Article 04-05 section G.4.

Sign Permits
Sign permits are required for all free standing monument, wall mounted, and temporary signs to be utilized within the City of Chesterfield. Some developments within the City of Chesterfield have criteria in their governing ordinance, or in some instances, a "Sign Package," which is site specific for the development. Projects which are located within multiple tenant centers should talk with the landlord or owner prior to submitting for a sign permit to determine if there is a sign package in place or if they need landlord approval for the sign.

For the Sign Permit Application, click here.

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