Information for Older Adults

Chesterfield's population is aging. According to the 2010 Census, 36% of Chesterfield residents are over the age of 55, with another 23% between the ages of 40 and 54. In ten to fifteen years, a significant portion of Chesterfield's population could be over the age of 55.

In response, Chesterfield's leaders established an Older Adults Task Force in 2012. One of the Task Force's recommendations was to create an information gateway for older adults in Chesterfield.

The navigation bar to the left contains links to useful information for senior services. We will be regularly updating this page to add relevant information as it becomes available.

Additionally, you can pick up your copy of the St. Louis Times' Senior Resource Guide, for FREE, at City Hall and the St. Louis Times web site is a gold mine of information relative to older adult services and events within the region.  

For general information regarding senior services, we recommend contacting the Mid-East Area Agency on Aging, at 636.207.0847.