Chesterfield Historic and Landmark Preservation Committee

The Chesterfield Historic and Landmark Preservation Committee (CHLPC) is a committee which works towards education, outreach, and preservation of Chesterfield's historic and archeological treasures. The CHLPC provides a mechanism to identify and preserve the distinctive historic, archeological, and architectural characteristics of Chesterfield which represent elements of the city's cultural, social, economic, political and architectural history.

Below is a collection of historic photos of people and places in our  community.


The Committee also works towards fostering and encouraging preservation, restoration, and rehabilitation of the historic structures, areas, and neighborhoods, and thereby preventing future urban blight; and producing historical publications, newspaper articles, web sites, digital media, and public exhibits designed to promote interest in the history of the Chesterfield region and to provide public access to our repository of information and artifacts.

Members serve for a period of three years and are appointed by the Mayor.

Chair: Erin Compton
Staff Liaison: Justin Wyse, AICP
Director of Planning

The CHLPC has published a variety of books and calendars which are available for sale around the city, including City Hall. Items available for purchase are:
A Guide to Chesterfield's Architectural Treasures - $15   
Cemeteries of Chesterfield
- $10
Chesterfield, Missouri: from Untamed Wilderness to Thriving Municipality - $25
Chesterfield Historical Coloring Book - $5
Chesterfield's Ancient Past - $15
Chesterfield Historical Poster - $27
Why We Fought - $15

For the historic calendars, call 636-537-4000 for the current price.
2024 Meeting Schedule