Chesterfield Historic and Landmark Preservation Committee

The Chesterfield Historic and Landmark Preservation Committee (CHLPC) is a committee which works towards education, outreach, and preservation of Chesterfield's historic and archeological treasures. The CHLPC provides a mechanism to identify and preserve the distinctive historic, archeological, and architectural characteristics of Chesterfield which represent elements of the city's cultural, social, economic, political and architectural history.

Below is a collection of historic photos of people and places in our  community.


Albrecht children
American Legion
Antioch Baptist Chur
Ascension Church
Ascension Church
Autenrieth House
Bacon family
Bates Cemetery
Bellefontaine Gradua
Bellefontaine School
Bellefontaine Pupils
Bellefontaine School
Bellefontaine School
Bicycle Club
Bierbrauer, Arthur
Blacksmith Shop
Boisselier family
Bonhomme House
Bonhomme School
Burkhardt Store
Calvert, Calvin & Wm
Calvert, Edwin
Calvert, Hazel
Central Plank Road
Chesterfield Communi
Chesterfield Familie
Chesterfield lot
Chesterfield Mercant
Chesterfield School
Chesterfield School
Chesterfield School
Confirmation class
Defoe's Restaurant
Mrs. Defoe
Dierberg Home
District 26 school
Eberwein, Elmer
Edward Burkhardt Hom
Fairview Hotel
Family and house
Andreas farm/Smokehs
Farmers State Bank
Farmers State Bank
Fern Ridge School
Fick farm truck
Fick, Charlotte
Fick, Lawrence home
Fick, Phil and child
Fick, Phil Pamphlet
Fick, Philip
Flood of 1935
Flood of 1935
Flood of 1943
Frazier, Maggie
Gagenbauer farm
Gas station
Gerst home
Girl milking cow
Glaser children
Glaser truck
Gluck's gas station
Going to 1904 Fair
Gov. Bates
Gov Bates Home
Gumbo Baseball Team
Gumbo Bottoms
Gumbo Bottoms fields
Gumbo Inn
Haas Home
Hartung Store
Hauhart, Henry
Heimann home
Hoch's General Store
Hoch, Henry & Vaneda
Hoch, Henry store
Hoefer sisters
Hoefer sisters
Hoefer, Emil Jr.
Hog Hollow
Bayer Dairy Horses
Kiehl, Harry & Della
Kirk, Geo & Margaret
Kraus, Irvin
Kroeger Women
Kroeger's Tavern
Ladies Aid
Lake School
Lake School
Lake School 1932
Lake School students
Log house
Macalady, Louise
Map of Chesterfield
Men by Water Co.
Men on the farm
Mertz, William E
Moehlenbrock home
Neighborhood Boys
Old Bonhomme Presbyt
Olive St. Rd. Bus
People in buggy
Plat map
Queathem House
Reising, August
Rufkahr's mules
Sahm, Ludwig & Johan
Schaeffer's Grove
Schaeffer's Grove
Schillers blacksmith
Schiller, Viola
Schmitz/Zumalt House
School Play
Schrader, Wm.
Schuttenberg, Fred f
Schwenck , Joseph
Schwenck's Dance Hal
Schwenck's Place
Lake School 1940
Lake School 1942
Seeger Produce Stand
Seeger, Jacob
Seeger, Rosemary
Seiler home
Sellenriek, Mrs.
Selling apples
Shell Station
Sinclair gas station
St John Evangelical
St John Confirmation
St John's Band
St John's Parsonage
St John's Church
St. Louis Co Water
St. Louis Co Water
St Louis Co Water Co
St Thomas Church
St Thomas Church
St Thomas Church
Steiner family
Steiner potato field
Stemme Family
Stemme home
Stemme Family
Stemme-duck hunting
Stemme, Herman
Three man band
Threshing crew
Threshing machine
Tom Thumb wedding
Township Map
Tribune baseball
Trinity Methodist
Volunteer firemen
Waddington, Archie
Walnut Hill Farm
Wardenburg children
Wash, George
Wash, Ida
Weinrich family 1945
Wildwood Dairy
Wilmas Home
Wilmas, Cliff
Wilmas, Ethel and H
Yokel family
Yokel, George
Zierenberg and Sons

The Committee also works towards fostering and encouraging preservation, restoration, and rehabilitation of the historic structures, areas, and neighborhoods, and thereby preventing future urban blight; and producing historical publications, newspaper articles, web sites, digital media, and public exhibits designed to promote interest in the history of the Chesterfield region and to provide public access to our repository of information and artifacts.

Members serve for a period of three years and are appointed by the Mayor.

Chair: Jane Durrell
Staff Liaison: Justin Wyse, AICP
Director of Planning

The CHLPC has published a variety of books and calendars which are available for sale around the city, including City Hall. Items available for purchase are:

A Guide to Chesterfield's Architectural Treasures - $15
Cemeteries of Chesterfield
- $10
Chesterfield, Missouri: from Untamed Wilderness to Thriving Municipality - $25
Chesterfield Historical Coloring Book - $5
Chesterfield's Ancient Past - $15
Chesterfield Historical Poster - $27
Why We Fought - $15

For the historic calendars, call 636-537-4000 for the current price.