Lesson 5: School Bus Safety

This Video Lesson was filmed with Team Buster of the Parkway School Dirict Tansportation Department

Video Lesson

Supplemental Video Instruction: Buster's Safety Badge! School Bus Safety Rules...

Lesson 5: School Bus Safety Quiz

Lesson 5 Quiz - School Bus Safety

  • a. Follow the rules for crossing the street (Left, Right Left again)b. Look at the bus driver for a signal to cross.c. Cross in front of (not over) the crossing armd. Stop to pick up anything you dropped e. A, B & C
  • a. The Danger Zoneb. The Badlandsc. The Blindspot
  • a. No…because I could be hurtb. Yes
  • a. I could choke and the bus driver would not be able to see me over the high seats.b. Someone near me could be allergic to the food that I am eating.c. I could make a mess.d. All of the above
  • a. We shouldn’t distract the driver. That could cause an accidentSecond Optionc. Both of the above
  • a. Hold the handrail.b. Hold, Hold the handrail…c. Both of the above.
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Additional Lesson Material

     Buster Safety Rules.pdf

Lesson Coloring Sheet

     schoolbus 2.pdf