Lesson 1: Police Officer/Uniform/911

Video Lesson Police

Video Lesson 911

Lesson 1: Police Officer/Uniform/911 Quiz

Lesson 1 Quiz - Police Officer/Uniform/911

  • a. Badgeb. Shoulder Patch (saying police)c. Police Card. Uniforme. All of the above
  • a. Yesb. No! A Police Officers job is to help me.
  • a. 911b. 211c. 411
  • a. Yes...for an Emergencyb. No
  • a. When your parents tell you to got to bed but you don't want to. b. When you want your favorite snack but your parents say no. c. When the TV doesn't work. d. When someone is hurt or needs help (such as a fire)
  • a. Nameb. Addressc. Phone Numberd. What is the Emergency?e. All of the above
  • (mm/dd/yyyy)

Police Car Craft

     Paper Plate Cars.pdf

911 Craft

     911 Craft.pdf

Lesson Coloring Sheets


    Judy Hopps Coloring Sheet.pdf