Lesson 10: Animal Safety

This Video Lesson was filmed with the APA (Animal Protective Association)

Video Lesson

Supplemental Video Lesson: Dog Safety with Wood Green, The Animals Charity

Lesson 10: Animal Safety Quiz

Lesson 10 Quiz - Animal Safety

  • a. No! It may bite or scratch youb. Yes
  • a. Animals that live in the woods.b. Squirrels, rabbits, raccoons and bearsc. Both of the above
  • a. Dogs or cats that don't have a homeb. Dogs or cats that don't listen
  • a. No! It may bite or scratch you or may be sickb. Yes
  • a. No! That is cruel and may be dangerousYes
  • a. Be a rock. Kneel down and cover your head with your handsb. Run
  • a. Ask the owner, may I pet your (dog or cat)?b. Ask where the (dog or cat) likes to be pet.c. Let it smell your hand before petting.d. All of the above.
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Additional Lesson Materials

     Animal Safety.pdf

Lesson Coloring Sheet