Division of Police Operations












































Commanding Officer:
Captain Daniel Dunn


The Division of Police Operations is the largest division within the Chesterfield Police Department with eighty (80) employees. It is comprised of several different bureaus and units and includes the officers with whom citizens most often come in contact. These bureaus include the Bureau of Uniform Patrol and Bureau of Traffic Enforcement.


Patrol Commanders
Lt. Denny Hufford dhufford@chesterfield.mo.us
Lt. Dale Vogelpohl dvogelpohl@chesterfield.mo.us
Lt. Greg Lehman glehman@chesterfield.mo.us

The largest Bureau of the Division of Police Operations is the Bureau of Uniformed Patrol. The Bureau's forty five (45) officers are charged with providing a visible presence of the department within the community. The Patrol bureau consists of three squads, each commanded by a shift lieutenant and two squad sergeants.

The City is strategically divided into six police sectors, each patrolled by a specifically designated uniformed police officer, as well as two officers assigned to "rove" positions providing uniformed patrol on a twenty-four hour basis. In keeping with the concept and principles of community policing, patrol officers are permanently assigned to sectors (patrol beats) enabling the officers to become more familiar with the needs of their individual neighborhoods, schools, roadways and commercial establishments.

Members of the Bureau provide preventative patrols, on-view traffic enforcement and respond to calls for police assistance from the citizens and businesses of Chesterfield. It is their goal to make this community one of the safest in the St. Louis Metropolitan area.  

Bureau Director:
Sergeant Steve Rainey

The Bureau of Traffic Enforcement is comprised of the Traffic Safety Unit.  The Bureau is supervised by a uniformed sergeant and consists of five uniformed police officers.

The Traffic Unit is responsible for the safety of Chesterfield's residents and visitors as they travel throughout the 151 miles of traffic-ways that wind throughout the 32 square miles of Chesterfield. Additionally, the Unit is charged with coordinating enforcement, safety and security for all special events, such as the annual Independence Day celebration, various runs, and other events held within the City.

The Traffic Unit maintains primary responsibility for directed traffic enforcement, accident investigation and special event traffic management throughout the City of Chesterfield. Three of the Unit's patrol officers are certified accident reconstructionist and members of the St. Louis County CTIU, Crash Team Investigation Unit. The CTIU is a multi-jurisdictional task force made up of certified accident reconstructionist that can be activated at the request of an area municipality to assist with the investigation of a fatal motor vehicle crash.