Lesson 2: Crossing the Street

Video Lesson

Supplemental Video Lesson:  I'm Safe! Walk with Me

Lesson 2: Crossing the Street Quiz

Lesson 2 Quiz - Crossing the Street

  • a. Ask your grown up b. Go ahead and do itc. Run so you cross quicker
  • a. Runb. Come to the curb and stop your feet.c. Make sure no one is looking
  • a. Look Left, Look Right then Left againb. Use your ears to listen for cars, trucks or sirens.c. Both of the above.
  • a. Take 10 BIG steps back and wait for the Police Car, Fire Truck or Ambulance to pass.b. Run quickly across.
  • a. Neverb. Yes
  • a. Yes! You don't want it to get run overb. NO! Wait until you get to the other side and tell a grown up so they can get it for you.
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Additional Lesson Handout

     Stop Look Listen.pdf

Lesson Crafts

     Paper Plate Stop Light.pdf

Lesson Coloring Sheets

     Crossing the Street.pdf