Lesson 9: Fire Safety

This Video Lesson was filmed with the Monarch Fire Protection District

Supplemental Video: Sparky Says Join My Fire Safety Club Video  from NFPA (National Fire Protection Association)

Consider also searching for Be Cool About Fire Safety from Allstate Insurance on YouTube

Lesson 9: Fire Safety Quiz

Lesson 9 Quiz - Fire Safety

  • a. No! That would be dangerousb. Yes
  • a. No! That would be dangerousb. Yes
  • a. Alarm Clockb. Oven Timerc. Smoke Detector
  • a. A fire extinguisher b. A shovelc. A broom
  • a. Stay where you areb. Get out the House
  • a. No! You could get burned and the fire department may not find you. b. Yes
  • a. Jump, Spin and Runb. Stop, Drop and Roll
  • (mm/dd/yyyy)

Additional Lesson Materials

     Stop Drop Roll.pdf

     Fire Safety Rules.pdf

Lesson Crafts

      Busy Hands_ Fire Truck Shape Craft.pdf

     Fire Safety Week Craft.pdf