Lesson 6: Pool/Water Safety

Video Lesson

Supplemental Video Lesson for Parents/Guardians: Swim Safety for Kids/Rules for the Pool from St. Louis Children's Hospital

Lesson 6: Pool/Water Safety

Lesson 6 Quiz - Pool/Water Safety

  • a. Poolb. Oceanc. Laked. Rivere. Bathtubf. All of the above
  • a. Yesb. No! That would be dangerous
  • a. Nob. Yes
  • a. No! All of those are dangerous and someone could be hurt.b. Yes
  • a. The Lifeguardb. My Grownups.c. Both of the above
  • a. Absolutely not.b. Yes
  • (mm/dd/yyyy)

Additional Lesson Materials

     American Red Cross Water Safety.pdf

Lesson Coloring Sheets

     Water Safety Contract.pdf

     sun safe coloring sheet.pdf