Lesson 4: Car Safety

Video Lesson

Supplemental Video Lesson:  I'm Safe! In the Car

Lesson 4: Car Safety Quiz

Lesson 4 Quiz - Car Safety

  • a. Make engine soundsb. Put on your seat belt
  • a. Because Mom or Dad said sob. So we don’t get hurt in an accidentc. It’s the lawd. All of the above
  • a. Front Seatb. Roofc. Back or Middle Row (if there are 3 rows)
  • a. My grown up says I can’t drive yet because I can’t reach the pedalsb. The airbags are dangerous and can hurt me in an accident because I’m not tall enough yet
  • a. We shouldn’t distract the driver. That could cause an accidentb. We shouldn’t do anything dangerous that could get us hurt.c. Both of the above
  • a. YES…The seat belt should touch my shoulders and my hips.b. No…I just want to be a big kid.
  • (mm/dd/yyyy)

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     safe in the car.pdf

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