Lesson 11: Strangers

Video Intro

Video Lesson: Safe Side Stranger Safety

Lesson 11: Strangers Quiz

Lesson 11 Quiz - Strangers

  • a. Someone you don't know.b. A Police Officerc. A Fire Fighter
  • a. A stranger look like anyone.b. Wears a mask.c. Wears all black clothes.
  • a. Storeb. Playgroundc. Schoold. Anywhere
  • a. Run outside to the car and look for them.b. Ask the first person you see for help.c. Go to the checkout/cashier at the front of the store and ask for help.
  • a. Yesb. No...they should ask another grown up for help.
  • a. Kickb. Screamc. Run Awayd. Yell "This is not my mom!" or "This is not my dad!"e. Tell your grown up right away.f. All of the above.
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Additional Lesson Materials

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