Lesson 3: Bicycle Safety

Video Lesson

     Bike Safety Helmet Coloring Sheet.pdf

Supplemental Video Lesson: I'm Safe! On Wheels

Lesson 3: Bicycle Safety Quiz

Lesson 3 Quiz - Bicycle Safety

  • a. Ask your grown up b. Go ahead and do it
  • a. Just go do ride already.b. Make sure you are wearing closed toe shoes to protect your toes.c. Put on a brightly colored shirt so cars/trucks can see you better.d. Both B and C
  • a. Air, Brakes, Chainb. Anybody, Bake, Cakec. Anteater, Bear, Catfish
  • a. Yesb. No, I will take my chances
  • a. Put on your helmetb. Stand on your head
  • a. Streetsb. Sidewalksc. Drivewayd. Bike Trailse. B,C & D
  • (mm/dd/yyyy)

Additional Lesson Materials



Lesson Coloring Sheets and Helmet Fitting Guide

      Coloring Sheets for Summer Safety.pdf