Storybook Walk

The StoryBook Walk at Central Park provides an outdoor education adventure through Central Park. This new addition to Central Park is a great way to engage families in health, literacy and environmental awareness. The walk consists of 18 stations around the Central Park lake, each station consisting of two pages out of a child’s book hand picked by staff from the St. Louis County Library.  The  route starts at the front of the Central Park playground and runs in a loop around the lake. After you complete the walk make sure to stop by the St. Louis County Library to check out other fun and exciting books. Be sure to check back every 2 months when a different child’s book will be on showcase at the StoryBook Walk at Central Park. 


Can I keep it?
By: Lisa Jobe

One summer day, a boy ventures into his backyard on a mission to find the perfect pet. When he asks to keep the animals that happened to “follow” him home, his mom points out that birds belong in the sky and frogs belong in the pond. He starts to wonder: is there an animal that belongs right there with him? In a heartwarming conclusion, he discovers the perfect pet has been around him all along.

Some Bugs 
By: Angela Dilerlizzi

Grab your magnifying glass!

Find your field guide!

And come hop, hide, swim, and glide through this buggy backyard world!

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