Traffic Model

The City of Chesterfield utilizes VISUM for our Travel Demand Model. VISUM is a comprehensive travel demand modeling software used by the City to review proposed enhancements to the transportation network. VISUM allows the City of Chesterfield to analyze various improvements and provides critical data to support decisions with regard to the network. The model provides:

  • Data to help the City of Chesterfield make decisions affecting the transportation network,
  • Information to transportation professionals doing work in the City of Chesterfield, and
  • Assistance to City Staff in the review of development proposals in the City.

The City's VISUM model uses a conventional four-step approach, while also serving as a powerful analysis and data management tool.
Additionally, the City of Chesterfield has the capability to integrate our demand modeling with VISSIM, a microscopic traffic simulation software program. VISSIM is used in detailed analysis including review of development projects in the City.

MoDOT Traffic Volume Maps