Riparian Trail Phase 2

Riparian Trail – Phase 2

The City of Chesterfield plans to construct Phase 2 of the pedestrian/bicycle Riparian Trail. Phase 2 will begin at the existing Riparian Trail terminus at August Hill Drive. It will then traverse through the woods adjacent to the existing unnamed creek, cross Wild Horse Creek Road, and end at a trailhead on Old Chesterfield Road. The proposed trail will be 1.0 mile long, 10-wide, and asphalt paved.


The Riparian Trail Phase 2 was designed by George Butler Associate, Inc, and City Council recently awarded the construction contract to Ideal Landscape Management, Inc. The City received a federal grant which will reimburse the City 65% of the design and construction costs for the project.


Construction is scheduled to begin October 11, 2021 and substantial completion is expected in the spring of 2022.


Occasional construction delays may occur on Old Chesterfield Road and August Hill Drive for construction traffic entering and leaving the construction area. Construction areas can be dangerous for workers and drivers alike. Please use caution while in the work zone for everyone’s safety.


If you have any questions about the project, please contact Steve Merk at or at 636-537-4754.


11-14-2022 - The traffic signal at the intersection of Burkhardt Place and Wild Horse Creek is now active, so the entire trail, including the parking lot at Old Chesterfield Road, is open to the public. 

10-05-2022 - The Riparian Trail Phase 2 is partially open to the public. The open section of the Trail is from August Hill Drive to Wild Horse Creek Road. The Trail will remain closed between Wild Horse Creek Road and Old Chesterfield Road until the Burkhardt Place / Wild Horse Creek Road intersection is accepted by St. Louis County and the traffic signal is activated.

- The trail is still not open to the public. It will be open once the new traffic signal at the Wild Horse Creek Road / Burkhardt Place intersection is in operation, which is tentatively scheduled for the end of September.

Although the trail is paved, it is not yet open to the public, and residents should not be using it yet. The Contractor is still working to address remaining construction deficiencies, and the pedestrian traffic signal at Wild Horse Creek Road is not yet in operation. The trail is expected to be open by the end of August. 

03-07-2022:  Contractor has cleared and rough graded the section of the project between August Hill Drive and Central Park. Construction of retaining walls is on-going.

02-14-2022:  Contractor remobilized to August Hill Drive to begin site work on the south end of the project. Equipment and material is staged on August Hill Drive due to existing site topography and minimal city-owned property at this end of the project. Traffic control signs were placed in advance of the staging area.

11-23-2021: Contractor has completed tree clearing and is currently constructing retaining walls between Central Park and Wild Horse Creek Road.

 Tree clearing continues along the project alignment. The contractor is approximately 50% complete with the clearing. 

10-15-2021: Ideal Landscape Management commenced construction on October 11, 2021.