OASIS Programs

OASIS has partnered with the city of Chesterfield to bring learning opportunities to City Hall. Classes will be held in the Council Chambers or Conference Room 102/3. To register for these classes, visit oasisnet.org/stl or call 314.862.4869.

To register for the OASIS programs, call 314.862.4859 x24 or visit oasisnet.org/STL for more information.

Faith Healers or Fake Healers?
Monday, Aug 10, 1:00-2:30, Fee: $22
Chesterfield City Hall 708
Bev Schuetz, History Talks

Examine the colorful careers of some of the most popular and con- troversial faith healers of the 20th century, including the charismatic Aimee Semple McPherson who rose to fame in the 1920s. Her story of cures, kidnappings and disputes continues to captivate us today. Other intriguing “healers” to be discussed are Marjoe Gortner, the child evange- list who performed marriage ceremonies at the age of five; Missouri’s own Kathryn Kuhlman who successfully used television to advance her ministry; as well as Pe- ter Popoff, Oral Roberts and the “psychic dentist” who filled teeth without drilling or even having patients open their mouths! You’ll be amazed, amused and sometimes disturbed by this provocative lecture.