Highcroft Drive - Request for Public Input

The City is considering a roadway improvement project for Highcroft Drive and Old Baxter Road between Schoettler Road and Baxter Road (hereinafter referred to as Highcroft Drive). 

Highcroft Drive Project Map

Highcroft Drive is classified as a Minor Collector by East-West Gateway meaning that, it qualifies for federal grant funding through the Surface Transportation Program (STP).  On May 19, 2022, the Planning and Public Works Committee directed City Staff to solicit resident feedback for a future grant submittal to partially fund improvements to Highcroft Drive.  Accordingly, we are seeking public input on potential improvements to Highcroft Drive.  This input will help Staff define a preliminary project scope in the STP grant application which is due on February 9, 2023.  The project map below depicts the preliminary project area considered for the grant application. The improvements may include but not limited to the following:

Ø  Concrete street reconstruction and/or repair of Highcroft Drive between Schoettler Road and Old Baxter Road

Ø  Asphalt mill and overlay of Old Baxter Road between Highcroft Drive and Baxter Road

Ø  Removal and replacement of existing sidewalk in the project area with 5 foot sidewalk

Ø  Construction of updated ADA compliant curb ramps

Ø  Construction of new ADA compliant curb ramps and crosswalks, if necessary

Ø  Stormwater improvements, where necessary

We request that you complete the survey linked below to help the City define a preliminary project scope.  This survey will be available for four weeks from November 1, 2022 to November 30, 2022. City Staff will review and use the survey responses to define a preliminary project scope for the grant application.  If the City is successful in obtaining a grant there will additional opportunities for public input during the actual design phase of the project.

Survey Link

Prior to completing the survey, you are encouraged to view past City projects on Appalachian Trail (Phases 1 and 2) and Greentrails Drive South to see different project approaches and get a sense of what a reconstructed Highcroft Drive could look like.  Please click the link below for a recommended route to view the previously constructed streets.  The route starts at Highcroft and Schoettler and ends at Olive Boulevard.  If you are unable to drive the routes, representative photos of each project are included in the survey and a brief description of the projects are included below.  It is important to note that while the design of these past projects is different, each project had resident input, unique design challenges, and specific regulatory requirements that all impacted the final design.

Previous Project Location Map and Directions (link to map)

Appalachian Trail Phase 1 – This project was constructed in 2012.  It included extensive traffic calming measures and storm water improvements.  Items of note when driving this corridor include multiple “bump-ins” where the road narrows giving drivers the sense of narrower lanes which can help reduce speed.  Bump-ins at intersections reduce the road width for pedestrian crossings.  Open grass swales treat stormwater prior to entering the storm sewer system.  On-street parking is allowed; however, the overall number of available parking spaces was reduced to allow for construction of the bump-ins. 

Appalachian Trail Phase 2 – This project was constructed in 2015.  The project did not include overall roadway changes and it did not include any traffic calming measures.  Storm water improvements are not visible and are part of the piped system.  The project did not include any large changes.  You’ll notice when driving this roadway that it is wide, allows for parking along both sides, and storm water directly enters the piped sewer system. 

Greentrails Drive South – This project was constructed in 2016. It included some traffic calming measures (bump-ins at stop-controlled intersections) and some storm water improvements.  The Dinsmoor Drive intersection was lowered approximately 4-feet to provide an ADA compliant intersection.  Storm water improvements include grass swales near Ladue and White Roads where water is filtered prior to entering the storm sewer system.  You’ll notice when driving this roadway that the use of bump-ins is limited to approaches to intersections and parking is available along most of the roadway.  

If you are unable to take the survey online and would like a paper copy of the survey to be mailed to you, please call 636-537-4768 or email akittu@chesterfield.mo.us.