Grandparent Scam

Grandparent Telephone Scam

In the recent past, the Chesterfield Police Department has received several reports of elderly residents being victims of the Grandparent Telephone Scam.
The Grandparent Telephone Scam plays on the emotions of senior adults. The caller identifies themselves as a grandchild and requests money to be wired immediately due to some emergency that takes place outside of the United States. Frequently, the caller asks the victim not to inform the parents. In the event you are contacted with this or a similar scam, here are a few tips to help avoid being victimized:
1. Check to confirm the legitimacy of the request before sending money.
2. Question the caller with information that would be difficult for an imposter to answer correctly such as historical family information, parents name(s), family pet name(s), date of mother's birthday, etc.

3. Contact the person who they claim to be directly. If you can't reach the person, contact someone else - a friend or relative or the person.

4. Do not send money unless you confirm the caller is who they identify themselves to be.

5. If in doubt, contact the Chesterfield Police Department at (636) 537-3000.