If you spend enough time in the outdoors, stuff happens! Everything from minor injuries to life-threatening emergencies can, and do, happen to people when they are hiking, camping, paddling, and biking. Knowing how to handle these types of situations may help save you or a loved one in the future!

This class is a quick overview of wilderness first aid and covers the basics of making sure you can handle whatever happens in the wild.

Topics Include:

  • Putting together a well-stocked first aid kit
  • Learning to properly use for all the items in your first aid kit
  • Basic first aid skills like dressing a wound, treating a burn or bite, or how to set an injured limb.

Although the instructor is certified to teach advanced first aid classes, this class is NOT a certification-level course.

Location: Chesterfield Community Center

Dates:  August 15 

Time: 6–7 pm 

Cost: $5 per person.


Please note: All programs have a minimum and maximum number of participants. If a minimum number is not met, you may be contacted to possibly reschedule your class. If a maximum is met, a waitlist may start for those still interested in attending.