Employee Services

The objective of Employee Services is to develop and sustain positive working relationships between Employee Services, Department Heads, Supervisors and Employees. Under the direction of the Director of Finance and Administration, Employee Services is responsible for:

  • Creating an atmosphere in which timely, accurate and quality information flows between the Employee Services and Department Heads, Supervisors, and Employees.
  • Assisting Department Heads and Supervisors in understanding and administering personnel policies and procedures.
  • Providing assistance and guidance to departments in administering the appropriate procedures to follow in addressing various employee issues.
  • Administering the City-wide employee benefits and retirement programs by contracting with outside third party providers and through oversight and management of programs.
  • Partnering with Department Heads and Supervisors to create solutions and opportunities that help employees grow and generate satisfaction and a sense of pride in their positions.
  • Routinely review polices, procedures, and practices in collaboration with Department Heads and assist in making recommendations for improvements.
  • Soliciting information, opinions, and views from other municipalities and using that information in furthering City's objectives.
  • Responding to and resolving difficult employee situations or complaints.
  • Maintain an understanding of current employment legislation and trends.
  • Gathering and developing information for the annual salaries and benefits budget. Forecasting costs by position, department, and division.