Eberwein Park Trail Restoration

This project involves removing the aggregate trails located throughout Eberwein Park and replacing them with a new concrete trail.  The trail will be relocated in some areas in an effort to minimize the grade and stabilize the trail.  This project will correct the erosion issues that have been affecting the Eberwein Park trails since they were originally constructed.  An engineering services contract with Horner and Shifrin was approved by City Council on May 3, 2021.  Final design has been completed and approved by all applicable agencies, including MSD approval in April 2022.  The project is designed such that access to the community garden and dog park will be maintained at all times during construction.

If you have any questions about the project, please contact Jeff Paskiewicz at jpaskiewicz@chesterfield.mo.us or at 636-537-4759.

Project Updates:

05-09-2023 - The trails are 100% complete and available for park patrons to utilize.  The contractor completed final grading and seeding on April 14 and on April 15.  The park experienced approximately 2.5 inches of rainfall in a short period of time.  That rainfall event caused erosion of the newly graded swales.  The contractor was delayed in getting back on site to repair the eroded areas due to a strike with the operator’s union.  The strike was resolved on May 7 and the contractor was back on site on May 8 to begin the regrading of the affected areas.  Additional straw blankets will be placed to deter erosion until vegetation is established.  Once the vegetation gets established, erosion will no longer be an issue  A wet area behind the dam has been identified and staff is working with the contractor to determine the cause.  The contractor is systematically pumping the pond down to help determine the source of the water. 

12-13-2022 - Contract calendar days were suspended on the project.  The additional work associated with reconstruction of the dam pushed the completion of the concrete trail into a time of year when weather conditions are not conductive to placing concrete.  The trail is currently 80% and the additional trail sections will be constructed as the weather allows.  It is anticipated that the project will be completed by the end of March 2023.

09-06-2022 - City Council approved additional funding in the amount of $275,000 for the reconstruction of dam and excavation of the pond.  
08-25-2022 - City Staff has drafted a recommendation to City Council requesting additional funding for reconstruction of the dam and excavation of the pond.  Construction of the concrete trails will continue in other areas of the park no affected by the trail section across the dam.

08-15-2022 - During earth work operations for construction of the trail across the existing dam, leaks were encounter in multiple locations in addition to a number of tree and stumps incorporated into the dam.  The Contractor and City Staff are deciding how best to proceed.

08-01-2022 - Kozeny-Wagner to begin mobilizing on site.

06-07-2022 - City Council approved staff recommendation to award construction contract to Kozeny-Wagner

05-25-2022 - Bid opening held.

05-18-2022 - Non-mandatory pre-bid meeting held.

05-11-2022 - Plans and contract documents were made available for bidding.