2021 Selective Slab Replacement Project-Area B

The City of Chesterfield plans to perform a slab replacement project on the following streets:

Clover Ridge Drive
Nardin Drive

Stonebriar Ridge Court

Stonebriar Ridge Drive

Graded troughs will be replaced on: 

Fairfield Farm Drive
Chermoore Drive

All work will be contained within the City’s Right-of-Way.  The work will include complete removal of the existing pavement and the placement of new pavement on the above-mentioned streets.  All sidewalk handicap ramps that intersect with this project will also be replaced to meet all ADA requirements.   

Construction is scheduled to begin in March and substantial completion is expected approximately in October, weather dependent.
Emergency services, the United States Postal Service, trash services, and the school district have all been notified of the project and services will not be impacted. 

Two-way traffic will be maintained throughout the project, though some minor delays can be expected. Construction areas can be dangerous for workers and drivers alike. Please use caution while in the work zone for everyone’s safety.

If you have any questions about the project, please contact Trent Helland at Thelland@Chesterfield.mo.us or at 636-537-4758.

Project Updates

09-02-2021    Mainline pavement nearly completed.  Sidewalks, cleanup and punch list items still remain.     
08-16-2021    All pavement replacement has been completed on Stonebriar Ridge Drive and Stonebriar Ridge Court
08-16-2021    Punch list items still remain on these streets and will be completed over the next few weeks
08-16-2021    Work is continuing on Clover Ridge Drive - 40% of the pavement is now complete

07-20-2021    Work will begin on Clover Ridge Drive
07-08-2021    Replacement has started on Stonebriar Ridge Drive & Stonebriar Ridge Court

06-28-2021    Nardin Drive restoration work in progress
06-25-2021    Nardin Drive pavement completed
06-14-2021    Started on Nardin Drive
05-18-2021    Project delayed due to weather.  Projected start date 5-24-2021
05-17-2021    Raineri Construction to start on Nardin Drive
04-19-2021    Pre-construction meeting
04-16-2021    Fairfield Farm Drive trench grate completed
04-05-2021    Fairfield Farm Drive trench grate started

03-30-2021    Chermoore trench grate completed

03-14-2021    Emergency repairs started on Chermoore Drive trench grate
03-02-2021    Raineri Construction was awarded contract B
02-16-2021    Bid opening