Chesterfield Police Warn of Scam


The Chesterfield Police are warning the public about a scam that is being perpetrated by an unknown subject who is claiming to be a police officer via using a phone number of the Chesterfield Police Department.

 The agency has received several inquiries from persons who state that a male caller identifying himself as a local police officer, asks specifically for a college student by name and proceeds to tell that person, or their parent, that the student is being investigated for past due student loans. They mention a specific dollar amount and attempt to convince the student to work out a payment plan.  

 Of particular note and concern is that on the caller ID of the potential victim, the phone number appears to be that of the Chesterfield Police Department. It is unknown how the phone number is being changed to appear to be from the Chesterfield Police Department; however it is occurring with regularity.

 Typically once challenged for further identification or proof of validity the caller has disconnected the call and not pursued the fraud further. There have been no confirmed victims with any monetary loss at this time.

 To date calls have been made to 8 potential victims in the St. Louis area, Warrensburg and Columbia MO.

                         The Chesterfield Police emphatically advise the community that no officer or government official should be calling to request money from a citizen for any reason, and if they receive a suspicious call from the police, to contact their local police department to report it. Any persons with information leading to the identification of the suspect are asked to contact the Chesterfield Police Department at 636-537-3000