March 18, 2020

 City of Chesterfield restricts access to City Hall

 In an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), to minimize the public exposure, and to ensure the continuity of essential City Services, the City of Chesterfield has significantly altered operations to help keep its residents healthy and safe. We have also cancelled and postponed major events and suspended community programs. The City, over the last decade, has worked to improve accessibility to City services, information, activities, registration, and other resources online. Most, if not all services are accessible remotely. Effective at midnight this evening, 3/18/2020, we will be limiting public access to City Hall at 690 Chesterfield Parkway West. We appreciate your patience as we all respond to this community health issue and we encourage you to check our website frequently to stay informed:

 The City’s’ ability to maintain all city operations and services, is dependent upon our ability to staff critical functions and avoid quarantines and exposures. Effective midnight tonight, the City of Chesterfield will be restricting public access to City Hall. While we are aggressively managing internal communal contacts, an exposure within City Hall could easily force the immediate shut-down of critical functions of the City. In order to ensure the integrity of the City Services, we need to temporarily limit open, public access to City Hall.  The City’s park administration building, and the City’s Public Works building, were already closed to general public access. Again, we are able to maintain all city operations and services, to the extent that we are able to avoid quarantine and exposure. We simply cannot risk an inadvertent exposure of those in critical areas by uncontrolled access. For now, the City is limiting access through the end of March. As that time approaches, we’ll have different and more complete information as to what our course of action will be going forward.