Chesterfield Police Introducing Community Camera Program

Surveillance video is one of the best crime fighting tools Police Departments have.  Because of this, we are excited to announce a new opportunity involving our community called the Community Camera Program.  This program askscitizens and businesses in Chesterfield to let our department know if they have surveillance cameras available which we could call on to assist us in criminal investigations.  Through our website or by following the link: Community Camera Program, citizens and businesses can rregister their surveillance cameras with our department.

If a crime occurs in a certain area, our investigating Officers will then have a database of camera locations to call upon and check if these cameras recorded any possible evidence or clues.  This program is entirely voluntary and citizens and/or businesses can opt out at any time if they wish.  All of this information will remain confidential.

We expect this Community Camera Program to be a popular program and look forward to this joint effort between citizens, business owners, and the Police Department.